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10 min read

Reducing Payment Card Fraud by Shifting over to EMV Chip Technology

This article gives an insight into the EMV chip technology, which is being rolled out on a world-wide scale to increase the level of fraud protection...

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6 min read

Enhancing Payment Card Security By Integrating PCI with EMV Technology

This article discusses how the security protection of payment card data used in a transaction can be maximized by integrating PCI DSS with EMV...

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4 min read

Cryptographic Key Management System Tips for the Banking Industry

This article discusses the shortcomings and learnings from penetration testing of cryptographic key management systems for banking organizations.

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How Leading Banks Excel at PCI DSS through Key Management

On April 2015, PCI DSS v3.1 was released as the latest iteration for industry-wide requirements and guidelines for securing cardholder data. This...

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