Electronic Signatures

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Cryptomathic launches Signer 6

signer 6 enables future-proofed, scalable digital signing to support the upcoming european digital identity wallet (eudi) We are delighted to...

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More Post-Quantum Digital Signature Candidates!

On July 17, 2023, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a new set of 40 candidates to compete in their Post-Quantum...

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Were I to ask you what a handwritten signature looks like, with an air of confidence will you grab a pen and scrawl your name on a piece of paper,...

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Will The UK Follow The EU On Digital Identities?

The UK's relationship with the EU has been tumultuous in recent years, especially in the wake of Brexit. With regards to digital identities, former...

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All Trains Cancelled: How an e-Signature Failure Derailed a €3bn Swiss-Austrian Transport Deal

6 min read

How an e-Signature Failure Derailed a €3bn Swiss-Austrian Transport Deal

Last week order for 186 double-decker trains was nullified due to a legal formality surrounding the Qualified Electronic Signature used to ink the...

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Federated Signing for Online Customer Onboarding

This article examines how federated signing can help banks overcome some of the obstacles they face when onboarding customers online in the era of...

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An Overview of EBA's New Guidelines on ICT and Security Risk Management (EBA/GL/2019/04) in the Light of COVID-19

5 min read

Exploring the EBA's New ICT and Security Risk Management Guidelines

Considering the COVID-19 impact on digitalization, EBA’s updated Guidelines on ICT and Security Risk Assessment will help focus on priority areas,...

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Non-Repudiation of Origin and Non-Repudiation of Emission for Banks

Have you ever heard the kind of sweet and innocent voice saying, “I didn’t eat my brother’s ice cream”, while the kid’s mouth and t-shirt are covered...

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