Peter Landrock

Peter Landrock (born August 20, 1948 in Horsens ) is a Danish cryptographer and mathematician. He is known for his contributions to data encryption methods and codes. Peter has been active since the 1970s as research scientist and faculty member for Cambridge University and the University of Aarhus and others, and was active for Microsoft and Cryptomathic. He has been visiting professor at Oxford University, Leuven University and Princeton University. (source: Wikipedia)

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The Weakest Link in Many Cryptosystems - Part 2 of 2

RSA, a short recap In a public key scheme, and for the sake of simplicity, assume a public scheme based on encryption-decryption (as opposed to e.g....

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Random Dice

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The Weakest Link in Many Cryptosystems – Part 1 of 2

Introduction It is well-known and appreciated by most users - even if often ignored(!) - that if you choose a weak password, you are exposing...

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Digital Rights Management Protection

In 2004, Intel, Nokia, Panasonic, and Samsung, announced plans for a licensing and compliance framework called Content Management License...

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