Glen Leonhard

I love to collaborate with customers to address and solve challenges at hand and thereby shape product development for the future. I create, shape and optimize products to meet the market demands. I achieve this by focusing on key results, strong customer collaboration and through amazing teams. I have had the pleasure of several management positions throughout my career within the areas of Product Management, Product Development and Engineering. My experience on a personal and professional level has taught me the following about myself: I can shape and optimize products to reach their highest potential - I focus on the user experience and thereby bring the customer in center of what I do - I have a good intuition but seek data for my decisions - I explore new paths that help evolve the products I can align, lead and build high performing teams - I use an inclusive leadership style to motivate the team - I can partake in technical discussion, but also make executive decisions - I take a personal interest in the team performing at its best - I put my team(s) first. I always strive to become better - I continue to learn as I never settle - I evolve with challenges and adversity

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AWS External Key Store (XKS) with the Crypto Service Gateway

AWS Key Management Service (KMS) has long provided cryptographic services to safeguard your AWS resources. This involves generating and managing keys...

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Improving Cloud Key Management with the Enclave Security Module

When organizations make the strategic decision to shift their applications and infrastructure onto the cloud, they face a myriad of challenges. These...

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