Crypto Agility and Adaptive Security

Business-agile management of cryptographic keys, algorithms and policies across the hybrid cloud - enabling security to rapidly adapt to changes in application requirements, legislation, security ratings of algorithms, quantum computing & AI.

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Cryptomathic Crypto Service Gateway

Centralized cryptographic platform

Agile Cryptography Platform for Financial Institutions

Cryptomathic's Crypto-Service Gateway (CSG) is an agile cryptography management platform and security policy enforcement engine that separates the process of developing, enforcing, and updating cryptography from the application side, and performs these tasks without service interruption.

Banks are enabled to easily and rapidly onboard applications and update policies and algorithms, whenever required, i.e. by sudden breakthroughs in cryptanalysis, changes in standards or best-practices recommendations, or to achieve quantum readiness.

Solution Brief

Agile cryptography platform for Financial Institutions


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Case Study

CSG Case Study - Barclays Bank

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Achieving Real World Crypto-Agility

Dynamic and Centralized Key Management

Cryptomathic's Crypto Key Management System (CKMS) seamlessly integrates with banking applications to provide complete control of the lifecycle of cryptographic keys across an organization's security infrastructure. 

CKMS enables financial institutions and banks to have a unified overview and control over their cryptographic key estate. Centralized and automatic procedures ensure rapid response on any changing requirement - whether applications are in the public cloud, hybrid cloud or on-prem.

Product Sheet

Ultimate control and visibility of your cryptographic keys


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Case Study

MASTERCARD - Centralized Key Management

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Selecting the Right Key Management System