Securing Mobile Apps with MASC


An introduction to Cryptomathic MASC

Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a security software solution for valuable apps, comprising of multi-layered smartphone app security components that provide 360-degree protection against attacks. MASC is provided with a simple, easy-to-use API so that app developers can focus on developing excellent business applications while leaving the critical and specialist security-related parts to MASC.

Mutually reinforcing defense mechanisms consist of Application Hardening, Sentinels for Run-time Application Protection, API and Device Assurance, Secure Connectivity and Secure Storage.

MASC security-specific roles include:

  • Enforcing a comprehensive security framework for the app
  • Implementing reverse engineering
    resistance through techniques such as
    anti-debugging, anti-tampering, and emulation detection
  • Preserving multi-channel security with assurance for the API, device and authentication
  • Storing customer credentials and
    sensitive key material in a secure
    manner, independent of OS
  • Supporting device fingerprinting and malware detection
  • Establishing a trustworthy connection to
    the back-end

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Product References

Mobile App Security Core

Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a proven mobile banking app security solution for Android and iOS. It is deployed across millions of banking app instances to provide the strongest defense mechanisms and platform independent protection against attacks on highly targeted financial apps.

Centralized Banking-Grade Key Management

Cryptography is the cornerstone of securing information and e-commerce, protecting everything around mobile services in banking. Managing cryptographic keys and their usage is a critical part of the information lifecycle.