Securing Mobile Apps with MASC


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An introduction to Cryptomathic MASC


What’s inside?


Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a security software solution for valuable apps, comprising of multi-layered smartphone app security components that provide 360-degree protection against attacks. MASC is provided with a simple, easy-to-use API so that app developers can focus on developing excellent business applications while leaving the critical and specialist security-related parts to MASC.
Mutually reinforcing defense mechanisms consist of Application Hardening, Sentinels for Run-time Application Protection, API and Device Assurance, Secure Connectivity and Secure Storage.MASC security-specific roles include:
  • Enforcing a comprehensive security framework for the app
  • Implementing reverse engineering resistance through techniques such as anti-debugging, anti-tampering, and emulation detection
  • Preserving multi-channel security with assurance for the API, device and authentication
  • Storing customer credentials and sensitive key material in a secure manner, independent of OS repositories
  • Supporting device fingerprinting and malware detection
  • Establishing a trustworthy connection to the back-end

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