Secure Mobile Transactions - fact or fiction?

Secure Mobile-Transactions-fact-or-fiction

What’s inside?

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When developing a security strategy for mobile banking apps, it is vital to understand the attack scenarios and motives of attacks. While delivering such a strategy, remaining independent from both the smart phone manufacturer and the mobile network operator is an essential element for enabling cost-effective large-scale deployments. The questions here are: What can be done to avoid becoming a target for attackers, and are banking and payment apps adequately secure against todays attacks? This White Paper explains Cryptomathic’s approach to mobile security while:

  • Exploring the current market threats.
  • Providing evolutionary security strategies to overcome such threats while taking platform
    limitations into account.
  • Introducing Cryptomathic's Mobile App Security Core (MASC), a solution for reverse-engineering resistance, malware detection, secure communication and operation of mobile banking apps.