The strongest protection from the strongest software and hardware partnership


An unbeatable combination

When you have digital assets that need protecting, you need a name that you can trust. But what’s better than having a name you can trust... having two names you can trust!

Cryptomathic and Utimaco together provide complete solutions in cryptographic key management, eSignatures, payments issuance, PIN management and authorization.

When customers trust the partnership of Cryptomathic’s industry-leading security software and Utimaco’s hardware- security-modules (HSM)s, they enjoy a confidence and peace of mind that simply cannot be rivalled. 

Key Management

Cryptomathic's CrystalKey 360 is an all-in-one solution for managing cryptographic keys and HSMs through a single web-based application, working in lockstep with Utimaco HSMs.

CrystalKey 360 provides concurrent management of HSMs from multiple suppliers, so new Utimaco customers can be confident of a smooth transition from their incumbent HSM supplier.


Digital Identities & Signatures

Utimaco’s high-performance HSMs, combined with Cryptomathic’s Signer, have been jointly certified to offer the highest level of legal certainty under the eIDAS regulation.

Customers will benefit from a certified Qualified Signature/Seal Creation Device, which makes it easy to demonstrate compliance as the devices and software are certified together.



Cryptomathic’s modular payment platform for issuers now seamlessly integrates with Utimaco’s payment HSMs, offering joint customers the ability to manage all issuer jobs from a single point of access.


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