Cryptomathic products are designed and built to be easy to integrate with existing applications and legacy systems. As a result there is a great deal of flexibility in the interfaces supported by our products. Nevertheless all customers are unique and so are most customer environments.

We have a strong capability and a lot of experience in tweaking our products to meet existing customer back-ends, saving money and reducing the time to market. Here are a few examples of integration with different set-ups:

  • Security software modules into appliances
  • HSM integration, e.g. using a vendor preferred by the customer
  • Interfacing with legacy systems, e.g. payment processing systems
  • Personalization hardware and card management systems

Bespoke Development

Although Cryptomathic is a software house building standard solutions we can assist with special requirements that fall into our niche remit, such as:

  • Cryptographic algorithm development
  • HSM code / firmware development (see also HSM programming)
  • Encryption for embedded systems with limited space, e.g. in assembler code
  • Crypto Service Providers
  • PIN printing and key management for legacy applications