Installation & Training


Once a customer has acquired a solution we follow a detailed plan, which has been created based on the customers' needs. Some customers require very little interaction, while others might need more extensive and specialized assistance. The tasks typically associated with installation and training are:

  • Client and server software installation (on site)
  • HSM installation (on site)
  • Interfacing the Cryptomathic application with back-end systems, e.g. a listener or a DLL
  • Test / Pilot / Production commencement

Our installation staff are highly experienced and are accustomed to situations that cause hick-ups during this phase. Our staff will often solve the problems on the fly but can also rely on our delivery team to support remotely by making swift and adequate changes to solve any unforeseen hurdles.


While onsite we also always take great effort in training the staff that will operate our solutions. This will save our customer a lot of resources in the long run and it will help identify problems (should any occur) by our support team over time.

Our onsite product training sessions typically consists of:

  • Install
  • Set-up
  • Upgrade
  • Trouble shooting
  • Functionality with a strong focus on the customer's requirements
  • Usage, e.g. running through the different user roles

Many customers also take advantage of our off-site (but on-line) and on-site re-training, which is advantageous for companies with changing staff as well as companies wishing to stay on top of functionality and efficient use as new product versions are released.