Although Cryptomathic is a software company we realize that there are occasional requirements for our consulting expertise. Our consulting services are centered on our expert skills in crypto and how to apply crypto in a secure but sensible fashion.
Some of our common consulting task feature:

  • Advice on legal aspects of electronic communication, e.g. ECC patent analysis
  • Review and design of cryptographic algorithms
  • Review and design of security protocols
  • Pre-audit consulting to comply with payment scheme standard and / or PCI DSS
  • Choosing the right type and model of HSM, to minimize costs and optimize throughput
  • Security review of existing systems and infrastructure, such as a bank's datacenter
  • Recommending the most appropriate security infrastructure type, e.g. PKI

We are used to thinking outside of the box. Many companies will make security, especially encryption and digital identities, as complicated as possible. Our focus is on simplifying matters so that customers will understand their options and enable them to make the best decision for how to apply user transparent security.

Contact us if you think that we can help your organization. If your problem turns out to be too general to engage Cryptomathic we can recommend a variety of consultant companies that can help instead.