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What is WYSIWYS?

What is WYSIWYS?

Coined in the 1998 by Cryptomathic founder Dr. Peter Landrock and CTO Dr. Torben Pedersen, the term WYSIWYS, in plain English "What You See Is What You Sign", relates to digital signatures and represents the ability to demonstrate that what the signatory reads on the screen of a device is authentic and that the user can only sign a document or transaction if it has not been tampered with.

For remote Qualified Electronic Signatures, WYSIWYS offers great security and compliance benefits but it is a significant challenge and can be difficult to achieve.

The Cryptomathic What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS) Server is a web application designed for this very purpose. In a nutshell, the solution takes the document to be signed as input, renders it to the user over a secure viewer and handles the signing experience in a secure fashion without breaking the browsing experience.

In other words, the Cryptomathic WYSIWYS solution delivers:

  • a secure and mobile friendly user experience for online signing
  • strong non-repudiation
  • a unique integration point for application providers


Cryptomathic Signer incorporates WYSIWYS technology for the highest level of security & non-repudiation for businesses, and user convenience for consumers.


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