What is a qualified certificate?

Under the eIDAS Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, a qualified certificate for electronic signatures refers to “a certificate for electronic signatures, that is issued by a qualified trust service provider” and meets the requirements specified within the regulation.

According to the requirements listed in Annex I of eIDAS, qualified certificates for electronic signatures must contain:

  • An indication that is identifiable through automated processing that the certificate is a qualified certificate for electronic signatures

  • A data set that clearly represents the qualified trust service provider who issued the qualified certificate, including such information as the: 
    • Service provider’s Member State where the entity is established
    • Name and registration number if the provider is a legal person
    • Name of the provider if he or she is a natural person

  • Name of the signatory or indication if a pseudonym is used

  • Corresponding electronic signature validation data and electronic signature creation data

  • Information identifying the certificate’s period of validity from start to finish

  • Qualified trust service provider’s unique certificate identity code

  • Issuing qualified trust service provider’s advanced electronic signature or electronic seal

  • Location of where the certificate that supports the advanced electronic signature is available free of charge

  • An indication, preferably in automated processing form, of where the electronic signature creation data associated to the electronic signature validation data is located in the qualified electronic signature creation device.


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