Comprehensive and dynamic protection for banking apps


What's on the inside?

Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a banking app security solution that provides comprehensive data protection and proactive defense mechanisms with multiple, mutually reinforcing security layers. MASC’s security framework consists of self-defending mechanisms, application hardening, secure connectivity, secure storage and device & API protection.

MASC benefits include:

  • Protect your application without sacrificing development speed - allowing a small team to handle and enforce the security of the app
  • Passive and active protections, e.g. secure enrollment, anti-tamper, app integrity, certificate pinning and access-control to keys
  • Extensive configuration options to enable you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements
  • Defense mechanisms are regularly refined and updated so your application protections are always ahead of the attackers
  • MASC SDK is supplied with an easy-to-integrate API