Comprehensive and dynamic protection for banking apps


What's on the inside ?

Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a banking app security solution that provides comprehensive data protection and proactive defense mechanisms with multiple, mutually reinforcing security layers. MASC’s security framework consists of self-defending mechanisms, application hardening, secure connectivity, secure storage and device & API protection.

MASC benefits include:

  • Protect your application without sacrificing development speed - allowing a small team to handle and enforce the security of the app
  • Passive and active protections, e.g. secure enrollment, anti-tamper, app integrity, certificate pinning and access-control to keys
  • Extensive configuration options to enable you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements
  • Defense mechanisms are regularly refined and updated so your application protections are always ahead of the attackers
  • MASC SDK is supplied with an easy-to-integrate API


Product References

Mobile App Security Core

Cryptomathic Mobile App Security Core (MASC) is a proven mobile banking app security solution for Android and iOS. It is deployed across millions of banking app instances to provide the strongest defense mechanisms and platform independent protection against attacks on highly targeted financial apps.

Centralized Banking-Grade Key Management

Cryptography is the cornerstone of securing information and e-commerce, protecting everything around mobile services in banking. Managing cryptographic keys and their usage is a critical part of the information lifecycle.