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Cryptomathic Adds Management Capability to BYOK Cloud Security Model

Cryptomathic Adds Management Capability to BYOK Cloud Security Model

Cloud security pioneer, Cryptomathic, today unveils the only cloud encryption management solution to address market demand for new ‘Manage Your Own Key’ (MYOK) practices.

‘Bring Your Own Key’ (BYOK) cloud encryption solutions, which enable businesses using cloud services to generate, back up and submit their own encryption keys, have quickly gained traction among businesses that require a high level of control over their data security in the cloud.

As the cloud encryption space evolves, BYOK is being superseded as companies that use multiple cloud service providers, or those that engage cloud service providers to manage highly sensitive data on behalf of their own customers, demand even greater control over their encryption keys. In response, Cryptomathic has further developed the BYOK model to enable MYOK practices and has manifested support for these in a new version of its popular key management solution, CKMS.

“By enabling users to control and manage the entire life cycle of their own, unique portfolio of keys, Cryptomathic is answering the call for a new level of end user security control in cloud services,” comments Matt Landrock, CEO at Cryptomathic Inc. “Manage Your Own Key support enables users to generate, store, deploy, retrieve, back-up, restore, revoke and retire as they go. It also arms users with the capability to significantly expand their use of encryption. Today’s large enterprises invariably use a host of different cloud models – public, private and hybrid. MYOK systems enable users to address them all with cryptography, creating and managing keys regardless of their required shape, form and destination. This is simplifying what has, until now, been regarded as a complex and highly technical security process.”

The new version of Cryptomathic CKMS, version 1.17, provides a host of new key management functionalities and supports different cloud platforms, including the BYOK schemes implemented by AWS and Google Cloud.

Speaking about the wider security challenges that the cloud presents, Landrock adds: “Large enterprises have had a hard time balancing their need to guarantee security, control and confidentiality with the huge gains that the cloud can deliver in terms of flexibility, scalability and operational agility. Key management platforms enable this balance to be struck, reducing time to market for those delivering cloud-dependent products and services while, at the same time, ensuring they remain the sole proprietors of their data, regardless of where it is kept or how it is transmitted.”

Cryptomathic CKMS 1.17 is available now. For more information, please consult our crypto key management solutions page


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