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Get More Control Of Your Data In The Cloud With Cryptomathic's BYOK Service

Get More Control Of Your Data In The Cloud With Cryptomathic's BYOK Service

Cloud computing brings many benefits to enterprise businesses; easily scalable, cost-effective and resilient, cloud computing enables rapid development of products and services while minimizing downtime and reducing cost. However, the aggregation of sensitive data, critical business processes and other corporate IP on a publicly accessible platform creates security and data privacy challenges for many enterprises.

Cloud providers offer key management services to generate encryption keys for customers, controlling and managing them as part of the service. This is a great solution for many, but for organizations that hold sensitive data in the cloud, the lack of ownership and control over their cryptographic keys can still be an issue.

Introducing Bring Your Own Key

To answer this problem, Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) solutions allow businesses an additional level of security by giving them the option of creating their own keys. The generated keys can then be used by the cloud service provider as part of the key protection hierarchy.

Organizations can securely upload key material while managing and preserving generated keys throughout their lifecycle, promoting security, control, and flexibility.

AWS Bring Your Own Key from Cryptomathic

In response to the growing demand for BYOK, Cryptomathic has created a truly self-service solution that gives you more control of your data in AWS public cloud.


The process is simple; generate your own symmetric key and encrypt it using AWS’ public key in a Cloud HSM operated in FIPS 149-2 Level 3 mode, then upload the encrypted key to your AWS KMS, set permissions and you’re done.

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With Cryptomathic’s AWS Bring Your Own Key Service you avoid the hassle of having to procure, setup, manage, patch and maintain your own key-generation and management infrastructure backed up by an HSM, and gain the peace of mind that comes from over 35 years of experience providing cutting-edge cryptographic security solutions.

Deploying BYOK is now as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Set up your account to secure your first AWS service in less than 15 minutes
  2. Manage your BYOK keys: Generate, push, renew and disable
  3. Get a 360-degree view of keys generated: Review system and key logs to easily demonstrate compliance

Cryptomathic's AWS BYOK Service provides data security, privacy and process compliance.

Cryptomathic's AWS BYOK Service offers organizations a secure, easy-to-use cloud key management service that utilizes hardware security modules as the foundation for data security, privacy and process compliance. This allows organizations to safely store, manage and push their own keys, providing added peace of mind in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Being rooted on hardware security modules provides an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access from third parties.

Furthermore, the service also covers key movement tracking requirements with time stamps and the identity of users administrating keys. This is vital for setting up comfortable audits to meet regulatory compliance standards. All of this taken together makes this essential service stand out among its competitors with unparalleled ease of use in protecting digital resources in the cloud.

For more information see https://www.cryptomathic.com/products/aws-byok