Matt Landrock

Matt Landrock is the Executive Director of Cryptomathic Inc. and Cryptomathic GmbH. He also has overall responsibility for Cryptomathic's partner relations and corporate sales. Matt has played a central role in Cryptomathic's growth and international expansion settings up Cryptomathic's first office outside Denmark in 1999. Matt has also been responsible for establishing offices in Germany and USA. Matt Landrock is on the ISSE (Information Security Solutions for Europe) Industrial Technical Programme Board. Prior to joining Cryptomathic Matt Landrock founded and managed an IT supplier company focussing on retail markets and distribution channels. Matt holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus and an MBA from the Rotman School of Economics at the University of Toronto.

Cloud encryption: Bring Your Own Key is no longer enough

Encryption key management systems are now essential for all companies needing to lockdown data in the cloud, says Matt Landrock, CEO, Cryptomathic Inc.

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GlobalPlatform Key Management System

This article provides an overview of GlobalPlatform (GP) Key Management and includes a proposed architecture for an efficient GP Key Management System (KMS) based on the Cryptomathic - Crypto Key Management System (CKMS). This article is not intended to cover all possible uses of GlobalPlatform, but is meant to provide an overview of how it may well be used in an environment where the chip is personalized centrally, after

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