Juan Asenjo (guest)

Juan Asenjo is Director Product, Solutions and Partner Marketing at nCipher Security. He is an experienced computer security professional with demonstrated history in product launch and go-to-market strategy. Juan is an accomplished writer and presenter with doctoral academic research experience in data mining and knowledge discovery.

Key Management: Cloudy with a Probability of Breach

In the 2009 movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, food instead of rain begins to fall from the clouds. Today’s hybrid computing environment employs so many applications using cryptography that clouds are saturated with crypto keys, and you don’t want to find that yours are falling from the cloud into the hands of cyber-criminals. In this blog, from our strategic technology partner nCipher, we explore the critical need for key management in the hybrid cloud, particularly among banking and financial applications. 

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eIDAS - Establishing Trust in Digital Signatures

Originally published in nCipher website www.ncipher.com 

A few years ago, the BBC reported that the power of the traditional hand-written signature was under threat from its digital counterpart. While it may have taken some time, the increasing adoption of digital services – from banking and financial transactions in the private sector, to taxes and healthcare in the public – has led to a significant rise in the use of electronic signatures.

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