Cryptomathic products are regularly enhanced and updated. This is in-line with customer and market requirements, for instance:

  • New functionality, e.g. implementation of new specifications
  • A change to existing standards
  • Security, e.g. increase in key lengths
  • Usability
  • System integration

We strive to release only one new major version per year. We also do interim releases, e.g. to meet customers' demands (if they cannot wait for the next major release). Cryptomathic products are supported two versions back, which means that our customers, in most cases, will only be required to make an upgrade (which is simple, automated and straight forward) every second year.


Cryptomathic offers worldwide support to hundreds of customers on six continents. We offer direct support to a range of customers as well as indirect (second line) support via selected partners, when these act as resellers.

Based on the line of business, global reach and other factors our customers' requirements for support differ greatly. Rather than categorizing our customers we treat them all as unique entities and devise a support plan that suits their exact requirements.

Cryptomathic has a couple of standard support packages off-the-shelf in addition to tailor made packages:

  • Daily support Monday - Friday as well as
  • Saturday - Wednesday for customers in Middle East, e.g. Saudi Arabia
  • Sunday - Thursday for customers in Middle East, such as Qatar and UAE
  • Round the clock support 24/7 * 365
  • Bespoke support devised on a case-by-case basis, e.g.
    • Daily support with a set number of weekends during a go-live phase of a project
    • Extended daily support, e.g. to midnight
    • Devised 24/7 *365 support, e.g. on selected or periods only

Whatever our customers require we will deliver as Cryptomathic is in the business or building long term relationships with satisfied customers.