HSM Programming

Cryptomathic does not manufacture HSMs but has more than 20 years' experience programming them and we have even assisted HSM manufacturers in the design and development of HSMs. We have an HSM team within our R&D department, which develops and implements HSM firmware, along with APIs and documentation. The team writes code for existing Cryptomathic solutions, such as Authenticator, CardInk and Certification Authority.

Bespoke HSM code

The team also develops code for third party projects, e.g. for solutions that need to comply with the PCI data security standard. We also assist customers in developing custom functionality for HSMs to bring down the cost of integration and implementation time, whilst ensuring the highest level of security and functionality. We constantly work with a number of different HSM vendors to meet customer preferences and requirements and we can work with most major HSM brands, including:

  • AEP Networks
  • Bull
  • Futurex
  • SafeNet / Gemalto
  • Thales
  • Utimaco

Crypto Service Gateway

Cryptomathic has devised a product which offers cryptography as a service through the commoditization of HSMs regardless of brand and model. For more information please visit the Crypto Service Gateway page.