Governments are concerned that the extended inspection times to retrieve ePassport biometric data results in long queues and costly delays at international border points.

Currently it takes up to ten seconds to read out the entire data set from a typical BAC ePassport and it takes even longer on second generation EAC ePassports with fingerprints, iris codes etc.

Cryptomathic's high-speed inspection technology can solve the problems of poor and unpredictable read times for ePassport and identity cards, yielding a factor four increase in speed of inspection in the average case.

Using this technology, BAC electronic passports can be read almost instantaneously (in less than one second), regardless of the amount of data stored.

The dramatic results are achieved through use of a specially designed encrypted caching mechanism.

The cache information is impossible to extract or abuse without possession of the physical document: each cache exists in an essentially "deleted" state until the real identity document becomes available again.

High Speed Inspection-encrypted cache

Cryptomathic's high-speed inspection technology is patent pending, and is incorporated into the ID Inspector product range of inspection systems and software development kits. It is also available as a technology for third party licensing.