Trusted communications

Solutions for trust service providers and eID issuance 

PKI is short for Public key Infrastructure and is basically a scheme for establishing and using trust for mass communication. It consists of a variety of components from a certification authority over policies to users' credentials. Cryptomathic's PKI solutions are based on solid standards, predominantly x.509, PKIX and others, which ensure that interfacing back-end systems cause little or no hassle throughout their life cycle.

Issue and manage the certificates of users, service providers, applications and appliances

Generate the Logical Data Structure (LDS) for ePassports according to the ICAO ePassport standard

Deliver OCSP services to the most demanding applications - for new or existing deployments

Secure a wide variety of business applications with high performance, portable cryptographic libraries.

Certification Authority -
Business Benefits

  • One certificate authority for multiple applications
  • Flexible deployment and easy integration 
  • Scalable and automated certificate management

ID Issuer -
Business Benefits

  • BAC and EAC data generation
  • Multi-application settings
  • Complete key management system

OCSP Responder -
Business Benefits

  • Simple integration
  • High performance and availability
  • Supports a number of HSMs

PrimeInk Toolkits -
Business Benefits

  • Compliant with industry standard algorithms
  • Tools for JCE, CSPs and various crypto functions
  • PKCS#11 HSM emulation

Scalable PKI

Cryptomathic's PKI product range includes all the applications needed to set up and maintain a 'trusted community' based on PKI. Our PKI products can be used as stand alone or in conjunction with other PKI products (from Cryptomathic or third parties) and include key functionality, such as:

  • Certification Authority (CA), including registration and validation authorities
  • Time stamping
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • Key generation and management

Cryptomathic PKI customers range from small to medium enterprises issuing certificates in the thousands, to large technology organizations issuing billions of certificates every year.

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