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Centralized Key & Crypto Management

Cryptography is the cornerstone of securing information and e-commerce, protecting everything from card payments to cloud services. Managing cryptographic keys and their usage is a critical part of the information lifecycle. 

Our solutions allow you to take control of cryptographic devices and keys for a broad range of applications - delivering streamlined security processes and compliance with internal and external audits.

Centralized and automated life cycle management of all application keys

Provides the complete crypto infrastructure for all applications in your business

Crypto Key Management System

CKMS delivers control and visibility of all application keys to obtain business continuity and compliance, e.g. PCI. Through efficient and automated protocols, CKMS gives administrators the flexibility to manage application keys - throughout their entire life cycle - without drowning in work. Using CKMS, administrators can uniformly and centrally manage the life cycle of all cryptographic keys across a range of encryption platforms, without leaving their desk.


Crypto Service Gateway

Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) is a cryptographic control center that delivers and manages crypto for any application in your business. With CSG's centralized crypto infrastructure, the high costs of hardware management, crypto policy enforcement, HSM procurement, application development and compliance audits are virtually eliminated. CSG solves over 50 common application crypto problems, including integration, data encryption, tokenization, transaction authorization, code signing and key management.

Business Benefits

  • Demonstrate internal and external compliance
  • Reduce human error and cost of resources
  • Streamline processes with asynchronous workflows and automated key distribution

Business Benefits

  • Make HSM crypto accessible and enforce policy
  • Lower project and development costs by 50%
  • Easy to read audit logs for proof of compliance

Technical benefits

  • Physical and virtual environments, HSM agnostic
  • Multiple key formats: AKB, IBM, P#8/7/10, TR-31, etc.
  • All key types and certificates: ECC, RSA, DES, 3DES, AES, X.509, EMV

Technical benefits

  • Simple APIs for fast development times
  • Security policy is separated from application code
  • Central management and monitoring of HSMs

Better Together


Some things are just made for each other


Using Cryptomathic CKMS, administrators can uniformly and centrally manage the life cycle of all cryptographic keys across a range of applications.



Using CSG, a business can achieve all the benefits of cloud services while retaining control of security policies with a centralized crypto infrastructure.


Cryptomathic CKMS delivers the comprehensive system to manage the life cycle of keys for most business and payments applications. Combined with CSG, a business can take total control of all crypto processes including, managing HSMs, security policies, compliance audits, application integration, monitoring and much more.

Our complete approach to the market and adaptability to evolving technologies makes Cryptomathic a current and future proof choice when choosing crypto and key management systems.


Crypto Key Management System

For automated key and certificate distribution

See how CKMS enables you to centrally manage keys for any endpoint and automate key distribution



At the leading edge of security provision within its key markets, Cryptomathic closely supports its global customer base with many multinationals as longstanding clients.