Cryptomathic at Identity Week 2023

by Cryptomathic on 06 June 2023

Cryptomathic is proud to be a gold sponsor and exhibitor at Identity Week in Amsterdam.

Identity Week is a conference and exhibition bringing together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions. 

Visit our booth 168, to explore the future of secure data protection and discover how Cryptomathic can help you stay one step ahead in the realm of mobile app security, digital identities & signatures.


Cryptomathic Highlights at the event


June 13th

  • Roundtable discussion -The future of Qualified Electronic Signatures- EIDAS 2.0 set to revolutionize the digital signature market.


    Representative: Francis Richards, Product Manager & Senior Solutions Architect & Guillaume Forget, EVP Product


June 14th 

  • Speaker slot & presentation: Verifications for Wallets


    Representatives: Francis Richards, Product Manager & Senior Solutions Architect

  • Panel discussion: Verification for Wallets


    Representative: Jan Kjærsgaard, VP Digital Identities & Signer 

    • Optimise identity verification in smart digital ID wallets
    • Implement contactless biometrics for seamless identity verification
    • Construct a cross-party framework for digital ID verification on multiple wallet platforms


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Laurent Lafargue

 Global CEO


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Guillaume Forget

EVP Product


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Jan (1)

Jan Kjærsgaard

VP Digital Identities & Signer


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Francis Richards

Senior Solutions Architect


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Tobias (1)

Tobias Drøscher Jensen

Sales Representative


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Alexandra Suchy

Managing Director, Germany


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Jo Lintzen

Managing Director, USA


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Harriet Taylor

Marketing Director


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As a leading provider of cryptographic solutions, we recognize the paramount importance of such a gathering, where top-level professionals and key industries converge to address the most pressing security challenges of our digital era.

By sponsoring and exhibiting at this premier event, Cryptomathic aims to showcase our cutting-edge technologies and expertise, allowing us to engage with industry leaders, share insights, and forge meaningful partnerships. We are excited to contribute to discussions whilst demonstrating our commitment to empowering businesses with robust security solutions. Together, we can navigate the evolving cyber landscape and safeguard the digital assets that underpin our modern world

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