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CardInk Gets PayCert Certification for Data Processing, Key Management

Munich, Germany - 1  August  2012

The latest CardInk release received a certificate from PayCert, a European certification body for the card payment industry. http://www.paycert.fr/Security.html This allows issuers and personalization bureaus to prepare data and manage keys in compliance with Cartes Bancaires logical security requirements. This certificate has been granted following an in-depth security analysis performed by the Elitt laboratory.

It not only validates the new fundamental security design that we have deployed across all of our products, but it also reaffirms CardInk's leading position in France for the issuance of payment cards or tokens, which is an important achievement in and of itself. 

All of Cryptomathic's solutions are enhanced further as a result of this, since it allows for the implementation of more robust cryptographic algorithms and the validation of administrative instructions within the tamper-proof environment of the hardware security modules (HSMs).

Additionally, it offers an abstraction layer in order to make the transition from one HSM platform to another more straightforward.

Guillaume Forget, VP Sales EMEA adds: As the logical security requirements of the payment schemes are constantly changing, we continue to go a step beyond to maintain our competitive differentiators by exceeding industry security requirements. As recognized experts in the area of key management and data processing, these improvements underline our determination of delivering future-proof solutions, and help us maintain customer loyalty towards our solutions - many of which have been in use for over a decade and are still ahead of the competition.


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