e-signatures for zertes and eidas

Deliver qualified electronic signatures in the cloud for non-repudiation and user mobility


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Welcome to the conference: e-Signatures for ZertES and eIDAS, on 30 March, 2017 at the Park Hyatt Zurich, in Zurich, Switzerland.

This is a joint conference hosted by Cryptomathic, Ergon, Kyos, SwissSign and Thales e-Security.

Join us for an informative conference for digitalisation business leaders, and information security professionals who are looking to understand how the ZertES and eIDAS regulations can affect your organisation and explore how to achieve significant business benefits with e-signatures in the cloud. 

Conference Overview

This conference sets out the regulatory agendas of providing a strong foundation of trust for international electronic transactions by delivering transparency, interoperability and innovation for businesses and consumers. We explore how this relates to trust services and electronic signatures, while evaluating how centralised electronic signature technology meets industry requirements for advanced and qualified electronic signatures and how to deliver digital signatures in the cloud for reduced operational costs, enhanced security and superior customer experience.

Benefits of attending

During the event you will find out how large organisations can implement remote electronic signature technology to address ZertES and eIDAS for legally binding e-signatures with data integrity and non-repudiation, while delivering the complete digital customer journey. Other benefits include:

  • Learn how to leverage existing 2FA infrastructure to offer an end-to-end digital customer journey with electronic signatures in the cloud
  • Understand the business advantages by applying remote electronic signatures
  • Explore how electronic signatures have already transformed organisations across Europe
  • See how a leading Swiss bank implemented a large scale qualified electronic signature service


The event will take place at Park Hyatt Zurich, Beethoven-Strasse 21, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland.

Meet with peers

There will be a number of leading figures involved in the standardisation, regulation and innovation of electronic signatures throughout Europe. In addition, there will be up to 150 of your peers from the financial services, insurance, government and pharma sectors in Switzerland.

Cryptomathic in partnership with:

Media Partners:

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Speakers from:

  • Amt fur Jüstiz
  • ETSI
  • KPMG
  • UBS
  • Cryptomathic
  • Ergon
  • SwissSign
  • Thales



13.00: Registration

13.30: Conference starts -  topics include:

  • Keynote: The spirit of innovation in electronic signatures - Peter Landrock, Chairman and Founder, Cryptomathic
  • ZertES and eIDAS, the newly revised Swiss signature law and alignment work with eIDAS - Urs Paul Holenstein, Head of Legal Data Processing Unit, Federal Office of Justice
  • Certificates, the trust anchor for your digitalisation strategy - Urs Fischer, CEO, SwissSign - Subsidiary of SwissPost
  • A common security and authentication framework for multiple applications - Urs Zurbuchen, Senior Security Consultant, Ergon Airlock
  • CEN and ETSI standards and compliance - Nick Pope, Vice chair eIDAS Standards, ETSI and Thales
  • UBS Case study - Ruediger Lobrinus, MD and Philipp Kuhn, Project Manager, UBS
  • Compliance and service certification - Urs Würgler, KPMG
  • Panel discussion: The future of electronic signatures
  • Q&A

17.00: Apéro riche 

19.00: Close

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