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Chairman's introduction
Peter Troy, Head of Security Operations, Barclays

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Duration: 7 min.

Blue Line

Keynote: The evolution of cryptography and security trends
Whitfield Diffie, Cryptographer & Security Expert

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Duration: 24 min.

Blue Line

Managing cryptography in large organisations
Andrew Moore, Head of IIP, Barclays

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Duration: 25 min.

Barclays and Cryptomathic - relationship and strategy
Peter Troy, Head of Security Operations, Barclays

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Duration: 9 min.

The vision to deliver a new paradigm within security and cryptography
Peter Landrock, Executive Chairman & Founder, Cryptomathic

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Duration: 16 min.

Introduction to the CSG concept
Steve Marshall, Technical Advisor, Cryptomathic

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Duration: 26 min.

Engineering Cryptography as a service
George French, Senior Security Engineer, Barclays

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Duration: 23 min.

Crypto Service Gateway demonstration
Mike Bond, Technical Director, Cryptomathic

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Duration: 36 min.

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Duration: 34 min.

Case study: Applications, their usage and where the operations team will be in the future
Karen Jordan, Head of IIP Service Management, Barclays

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Duration: 17 min.