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Welcome to the registration page of the Barclays - Crypto Service Gateway Event, on the 24th May, 2013 in London.

Join us for a thought-provoking event for information security professionals who are looking to explore new methods and innovative technologies that can greatly reduce the complexities and resources required to efficiently manage cryptographic infrastructure in the financial services sector. Investigate the current challenges in managing cryptography, question what the future holds, and learn how peers are preparing for tomorrow.

Conference Overview

The Barclays Crypto Service Gateway Event is a day not to miss out on. Not only is it thefirst of its kind, but it opens up to a whole new way of thinking, of solving a problem that grows larger every year in the face of increased security requirements, data loss, security breaches and compliance. It represents a major shift, even a new paradigm in crypto, where the solution is more a fundamental change to work routines than a change in technology.

Benefits of attending
During the event you will find out how organisations that bear heavy on the crypto side canimprove security, shorten time to market for new applications, bring down cost and obtain compliance at the same time.

The event is held at the corporate international headquarters of Barclays Bank at Canary Wharf, the financial heart of London.

Barclays has been a technology mover and trendsetter for many decades, leading the way in card payments, including chip infrastructure and contactless payments, mobile payments and now also crypto management.

Meet with peers
At the event will be a number of thought leaders in financial security such as Whit Diffie, George French, Peter Troy, Peter Landrock and Steve Marshall. In addition, there will be up to 180 of your peers from banks, service providers to the financial industry, card payments schemes and technology manufacturers in hardware and software from the UK, mainland Europe as well as other continents.

This is probably the most important event that you will have the opportunity to attend in 2013, so please register now!

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  • Keynote: Whitfield Diffie, Cryptographer & Security Expert
  • Mike Bond, Technical Director, Cryptomathic
  • George French, Senior Security Engineer, Barclays
  • Karen Jordan, Head of IIP Service Management, Barclays
  • Peter Landrock, Executive Chairman & Founder, Cryptomathic
  • Steve Marshall, Technical Advisor, Cryptomathic
  • Andrew Moore, Head of IIP, Barclays
  • Peter Troy, Head of Security Operations, Barclays

Speaker Biographies


08:30 Coffee and Registration
08:55 Chairman's introduction
09:00 Keynote: The evolution of cryptography and security trends
09:30 Introduction and business challenge: Managing cryptography in large organisations
09:50 Barclays & Cryptomathic - relationship and strategy
10:00 The vision to deliver a new paradigm within security and cryptography
10:20 Q&A / Break
10:40 Introduction to the CSG concept
11:10 How did Barclays go about solving the problem and implementing cryptography as a service?
11:40 Q&A / Break
12:00 Crypto Service Gateway demonstration
12:30 Case study: applications, their usage and where the operations team will be in a couple years' time
13:00 Concluding remarks
13:10 Lunch
14:15 Close

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