Jan Kjærsgaard & Torben Pedersen

Jan Kjærsgaard is Senior Cryptography Manager at Cryptomathic. He is an expert in cryptography, PKI and digital signatures. Jan is member of several standardization bodies, including CEN. Jan holds a master's degree in computer science. Torben Pedersen is Cryptomathic's Chief Technology Officer and has the overall responsibility for the company's technological and innovative direction. He is head of the company's R&D division. Torben has a long record of research in the field of cryptography and co-invented with Peter Landrock the WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Sign) principle in digital signing. Torben holds a PhD in cryptology and a master's degree in computer science and mathematics.

Why Remote Signing Solutions Offer Superior Security than Keys Generated in the Browser

The recent article published by Ebbe Skak Larsen, KMD (hereafter "the Article") on hacking signatures from signature servers, describes a simplified setup of a remote signature (RS) solution and mounts an attack on that. The article then concludes that the only mitigation to the attack is to strengthen the script in the browser using obfuscation techniques.

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