Ivan Piskunov (guest)

Ivan is an independent expert, a practitioner in information security, a permanent member of the Association of professionals in the field of information security RISSPA (www.risspa.ru), Moscow. Ivan authored of a dozen of articles devoted to the problems of information protection including peer-reviewed publications (VAK and RINC). Ivan Piskunov is CISO of a Russian telecommunications company, and an independent expert in cyber-security in Moskow. Previously he held the post of Deputy Director for IT security. Prior to that, was appointed to the position of chief specialist. Ivan worked in large companies and holdings of more than 1,000 people. Ivan was senior consultant for IT & Cyber Security at Deloitte CIS.

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HTTPS Encryption & Remote Banking Authentication Attacks

This article discusses the secure HTTPS Protocol intended for web-resources and its principles of operation as well as its strengths and weaknesses....

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