Cryptomathic is a profitable, privately owned company founded in 1986. This makes us one of the oldest European companies in e-security business specializing in encryption and authentication. Cryptomathic is a family run business controlled by its founder.

We consider ourselves a very responsible company and most of our growth is organic and in-line with our long term expansion strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Over the past ten years Cryptomathic has been a shareholder in a number of private enterprises and we are always on the lookout for teaming up with small businesses that can add value to Cryptomathic.

The primary criterion for investing in an enterprise is that there is a complementary fit with regards to products, knowhow and geographical reach. If you believe that Cryptomathic could be an interesting investor, whether for a minority share or as a complete acquisition of your company then please contact us so that we can evaluate the potential of working together.